MCA Membership Services and Benefits

In addition to the specific, tangible services listed and described below, there are a great number of other, “intangible” services that are a significant part of your MCA Membership package. We like to call these services “MCA’s Invisible Advantage.” These intangibles include the association’s people, ideas, years of collective experience building quality into constructed masonry buildings, and an in-depth drive to help solve pressing business issues facing its Members. The following is a listing of tangible services that differentiate what MCA offers, above and beyond, those offered by other associations.


The Mason Contractors Association provides many opportunities throughout the year to meet your fellow mason contractors, masonry suppliers, and service providers at Membership Meetings, Educational Seminars, Holiday Ball, Golf Outing and Sport’s Night events. MCA is people-centered and assists you in solving your business problems and in helping you meet and benchmark your company practices with your fellow MCA members.

Government Affairs

The Mason Contractors Association constantly monitors pending legislation and regulation at the local, State and Federal levels with an eye on fighting those proposed laws and onerous regulations that will have a negative impact on your mason contracting business and your supplier relations. MCA is also looking for opportunities to support and help introduce new legislative initiatives that will help improve your company’s profit picture. MCA is a member of the Construction Industry Legislative Coalition that is working to have “Prompt Pay” legislation introduced in the Michigan Legislature. The MCA Office will also help you identify who your State and Federal lawmakers are, provide you with their contact information, and provide industry information to them on your behalf.

Collective Bargaining

The Mason Contractors Association has a historical track-record of representing the business interests of its Contractor Members in the collective bargaining process. MCA’s collective bargaining power is derived from a Contractor Member requirement that they give the association their “powers of attorneys” for the various labor organizations who negotiate with the association. The association believes in sound labor-management cooperation programs and works with all parties to update contract language and reach wage agreements that are realistic to economic conditions. When mason contractors join MCA, they become part of a larger voice within the masonry contracting industry in Southeastern Michigan.

Problem Solving

An important aspect of MCA Membership is having a full-time office staff to help your company solve a pressing business problem. Your dedicated staff has a significant network of construction industry resources that it can call upon to help you address business operational problems. As an MCA Member company, you might want to call the Office when you have no one else to turn to. We might just have the information you need to address the problem at hand.

Construction Industry

MCA has a good working relationship with masonry industry organizations at the federal, state and local levels. If you have a problem or issue that requires their assistance, we will contact them on your behalf to obtain the needed information, or put you directly in contact with those who can help.

Construction Safety Program

The Mason Contractors Association has an active Safety Committee that offers specialized safety programs tailored to the needs of mason contractors and their employees. Many of these programs are offered at no charge by the labor unions that are signatory to the MCA labor agreements. MCA, and its Member companies, is committed to having comprehensive safety plans in effect and stressing that “Safety is the Number One Priority” on MCA Member job sites. MCA has an excellent working relationship with OSHA and MIOSHA officials and supports their work because safe job sites lower the business costs of Members and prevents the injury of their valued employees and craftworkers.

Masonry Industry Marketing

MCA has an active Marketing Committee that meets regularly to develop programs and plans that promote masonry construction to owners and users. It also promotes the fact that masonry buildings constructed by MCA Contractor members are quality-built. The Marketing Committee also promotes the usage of the MCA emblem by Members in all of their marketing materials and business correspondence.

Masonry/Construction Education

Masonry education is an ongoing process. There are always new management methods, estimating & bidding challenges, new legal rulings, new tax laws and a host of other business topics that today’s mason contracting businesses need to keep up with. The MCA has a hardworking Education Committee that plans and develops educational programs and seminars tailored to MCA member needs.

Business Program

One of the major purposes of the Mason Contractors Association is to assist its members with their business problems. The association has success to a vast network of information providers who can assist us in answering your questions about workers’ compensation, safety regulations, construction industry standard practice guidelines, construction office operations, financial benchmarking data,< tax information, and employment practices.

Judicial/Legal Information

MCA keeps up to date on any national, state, or local laws that impact your mason contracting business. This information is received from various masonry industry sources around the country. From time to time, the association invites prominent local construction legal experts to speak at MCA meetings and seminars.

Social Events

The Mason Contractors Association has an enthusiastic and energetic Social Events Committee and a Golf Outing Committee. Throughout the year, these committees develop exciting plans for social events that have included golf outing, Sport’s Night, Holiday Ball and other interesting activities of interest to association members.

Membership Development

The Mason Contractors Association is always looking for new Members who will add to the strength of the overall association. If you are interested in having your masonry contracting or masonry supplier/service provider as a Member of MCA, please contact the MCA Office, 43636 Woodward Ave., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302-3204. Phone: 248-972-1130 Fax: 248-972-1001