The Mason Contractors Association (MCA) is the oldest and largest construction association exclusively serving the mason contracting industry and its affiliated suppliers and service providers throughout Michigan. Established in Detroit in 1908, the MCA brings together a wide-range of collective interests centered on improving the mason contracting profession by promoting quality performance and integrity in all aspects of our businesses. Our contractor members build commercial, industrial, retail, warehousing, educational, health care facilities and other top quality masonry structures.

The MCA is a Union supporting organization with collective bargaining agreements with Bricklayers Local #2 and Laborers (Mason Tenders) Local #1191 and #1076. Owners and Users who select MCA mason contractor members and suppliers can count on the highest quality structures possible. When quality counts, you can count on an MCA Contractor!

2022-23 MCA Board Officers

Brad Leidal President
Rick Benner Vice President
Steve Dudek Secretary
Matt Haman Treasurer

2022-23 MCA Board of Directors

T.C. Baker
Baker Construction
7936 M-36 Ste. 1
Whitmore Lake, MI 48189
(810) 231-6913 Office
(810) 231-6616 Fax

Kevin Ryan
Masonry Developers, Inc.
(313) 938-6027 Mobile

Rich Akins
Akins Construction
65654 East Nevada St.
Detroit, MI 48234
(586) 254-0992 Office
(586) 254-2989 Fax
(810) 217-3204 Mobile

Steve Dudek
Navetta Mason Contractors, Inc.
12264 Emerson Dr.
Brighton, MI 48116
(248) 486-6258 Office
(248) 921-8641 Mobile

Brad Leidal
Leidal & Hart Mason Contractors
12100 Globe St.
Livonia, MI 48150
(734) 522-2400 Office
(734) 306-9203 Mobile

Tom Nowak
R.C. Nowak & Company
5848 Hubbard St.
Garden City, MI 48135
(734) 425-0770 Office
(734) 425-4289 Fax

Rick Benner
Davenport Masonry
1445 Edgar Rd.
Holt, MI 48842
(517) 927-9020 Mobile

Andy Bracy
Bracy & Jahr, Inc.
828 Quincy Granger Rd.
Quincy, MI 49082
(517) 639-4776 Mobile

Statement and Purpose

  1. To promote and encourage greater cooperation between employers and employees, by aiding and encouraging more friendly relationships between the members of this organization, our employees and their organizations, undertaking to bring into this industry the humane feeling between employers and employees that should properly exist.
  2. To promote the general welfare of its members, by the collection and distribution of reliable and useful information to its members, thus affording and providing means for the intelligent consideration and action in matters pertaining to our industry, and to provide the best and most satisfactory methods for the handling, of the execution of building contracts, to the end that our industry is surrounded with proper safeguards for the protection of life, limb and property.
  3. To promote, encourage and advocate needed and helpful legislation for our industry, for the general good of all.
  4. To promote and encourage efficiency in the art of masonry construction, and to generally encourage and aid in the education of apprentices in our industry, and to generally encourage the movement to build with brick and other masonry products.
  5. To promote and encourage the principles of justice and equity in all dealings between the employers and the employees. co-employer and co-employees, architects, engineers, material dealers and the general public.
  6. To counsel, advise, encourage and secure honorable dealings in the performance and execution of contracts with each other, with our employees, with members of other trades, and with those engaged in the erection and construction of buildings.